Lilly in the city that never sleeps

Hi there!

Today has been a week since my arrival in the big city – New York of course!
I’ll be staying here for one year to do an interesting Marketing internship in the lovely Manhattan.

Let me tell you something more about my journey. So far, it has been amazing!
Since day 1 I’ve been amazed every single minute. Manhattan is breathtaking and has so much to offer.
Each day I went out to explore New York but surprisingly I always ended up at Times square, my favorite spot in the world!
I’ve wandered for hours in the amazing shops of Forever21, Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s, waaaaw!!

Even my internship is really amazing to me, i love it! On the second day i was – in a positive way – shocked. I met this new, lovely girl who was going to be an intern just as me. Surprisingly, she came from the same tiny country as I come from, the land of chocolate: Belgium! On top of that we have the same age. Fun guaranteed!

From Lilly with love


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