EOS Hand Lotion

I’ve heard so much about EOS lately, everyone seems to love it! That’s why I had to try it myself. It was really time for me to go and buy a good hand lotion because my hands are so dry of not moisturizing them enough and not wearing gloves – shame on me, I know! But a great opportunity to try out the EOS Hand Lotions!

There are 3 different hand lotion fragrances: Berry Blossom, Cucumber and Fresh Flowers. I bought Berry Blossom and Fresh Flowers because I couldn’t decide which one of the 2 smelled the best! Oh, just for the record, the Fresh Flowers one really reminds me of the smell of the Miss Dior perfume, also a reason why I bought it 🙂

eos1Berry Blossom



eos3                                                                      Fresh Flowers

EOS claims to be fast-absorbing, 24 hour moisture and non-greasy. I tested it for you! 🙂 This hand lotion really is fast-absorbing and not greasy at all! Let me say, it’s completely normal for a hand lotion to be somewhat greasy (I specify: on the hand palms!). Hand palms are not the correct place to apply hand lotion because your hand palms do not have pores. So whenever you apply lotion on your hand palms , this cannot be absorbed and it will just remain a greasy layer. For the rest of my hands it does not feel greasy at all, it just makes my hands super soft and moisturized! The 24 hour moisture is hard to test because you obviously wash your hands a couple times during the day which will pull out some of the moist. A little tip: always apply hand lotion after you wash your hands to keep it moisturized at all times!

For my Belgian girls and boys: I don’t know if the EOS products are available in Belgium, but you can certainly find them on eBay and Amazon!

From Lilly With Love

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