Snaplog: Miami day 1&2

Hi guys!

On June 7th, I arrived at the Zaventem airport in Brussels at 5am since my first flight was at 7am. I was flying to Instanbul, Turkey, and from there taking a connecting flight to Miami. But since the unfortunate events that have taken place in Instanbul, my flight got canceled. I was very dissapointed that Turkish Airlines didn’t inform me at all: no call, no email, nada.

So there I was at the aiport, tired and stressed out and not 1 Turkish Airline agent to talk to. Luckily, I met this very interesting girl from Florida ( right? 🙂) who appeared to be a model. Her energy and calming spirit relaxed me and we just waited.. Then we met other great people: a Brazilian guy and the most lovely woman from Istanbul who actually helped us both to still get on a flight that day and arrive on our final destinations on time! Eventually, I took a flight to my beloved New York 💙 and from there flew to Miami.

Once I got to Miami I was exhausted! But very joyful to see my family back, especially my granny from Brazil whom I had not seen in 10 years!

Alright, now on to the Snaplog. Here you’ll see how I have been spending my early mornings (jetlagged) in my auntie’s pool. On Saturday my cousin married his beautiful wife and the wedding was just amazing, in a vintage-tropical-glam style. In the evening, my other cousin and his wife took me walking to South Beach, one of my fav spots in Miami! To end the night, we wandered around in Wynwood, the alternative/artistic upcoming neighbourhood in Miami. 

Bienvenido a Miami! 🌴☀️

Enjoy! 😘
Have you guys ever visited Miami? Places you recommend? Let me know in the comment section below!
Fromlillywithlove 💙

2 Replies to “Snaplog: Miami day 1&2”

  1. Glad you finally made it. Absolutely, tapas y tintos in South Beach has live flamenco dancing on Saturday evenings. Then later, they play Reggeton music.

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