Snaplog: Miami day 3 & 4

Saturday June 11th was the big day: my cousin was getting married! The wedding was intimate but super beautiful and a lot of fun! 

My cousin and his wife are both artists, so ofcourse the wedding needed a touch of art! It was themed vintage-tropical-glam and it was just stunning!

It was a beautiful day full of joy, happiness and a lot of good food! But the best part of all? We held the afterparty in the pool, all a the comfort of my auntie’s house!

On to the Snapchat video! You’ll see my lovely granny from Brazil, whom I hadn’t seen in 10 years… Isn’t she just the cutest lady 😻. We went to this really cool place close to the beach, called Taco Beach Shack. They serve amazing tacos with black beans and corn, yummy! They also had some DJ’s playing music. And with a good cocktail, ahh…  What more could you wish for. After this big lunch we went to chill on the beach and enjoy the weather. You’ll also see me playing around a bit with a small lizzard I found at my aunt’s place. They are very common in Florida.

Up next: Mexico!

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